Spring 1984;


 I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I’m miserable now…”


Robin’s dreams of escaping his small Yorkshire mining village come to an abrupt end when he is kicked out of Art College for smoking dope.


Dorian returns to the Nottinghamshire mining village he ran away from when he was sixteen years old, disillusioned with life in London as a cage dancer.


Both are reluctantly sent down the pit.


They meet at ‘Tropical Heatwave Night’ and a romantic friendship blossoms until Robin is lured away by Dorian’s equally enchanting sister Marion. When the strike erupts they find themselves on opposite sides of a fierce political divide.


The Yorkshire miners strike and the key events are played out on the picket lines, working men’s clubs, and slag-heap strewn wastelands of the north.


But the Nottinghamshire miners – seduced by the rise of consumer culture and dreams of Spanish Timeshare villas, reject the call to strike.


The day-glo world of the Duran Duran video collides with the monotone graininess of the bitterest industrial dispute of the 20th Century as Two Tribes go to war.